According to the National Crime research centre,38.2% of women and 21% of men experience physical abuse within their relationships. The violence against both men and women is on the higher side for one reason or the other. The main perpetrators being men and women. What happens when you not only know the victim but also the perpetrator. When you can easily identify him from a crowd? When you have a close relationship with them When you not only share a landlord but also a barber?

Photo by The Daily Nation.

In what position are you put in by default as a sister, mother or relative to an attacker?. Will you despite the relation choose to lead by example or cower because Brian is your brother? To most of us, our relatives are the kindest individuals in most cases they can't hurt a fly. On the flip side, its the same innocent man or woman that left 11 stab wounds in the partner's chest. What impact does it have to a relationship?. Do we continue from where we left or do we up and leave? Will mothers- in- law continue to advise their children to stay, to cook better and clean harder in order to please him. For most men, the advice is different, they are encouraged to stay and be the man in the relationship despite emotional or physical abuse. Do you take a stand, and if yes which is it?. Will you advise both parties to leave or will you take the road taken by many especially in the African context, mind your own business because if it's between two people then it clearly does not concern you.

In the fight against gender-based violence, one has to take a stand.

In the fight against Gender-Based Violence cases, neutral parties are discouraged issue but at the same time. When we choose to be neutral on this issue we are choosing to watch as the abuse takes place. When we fail to take stand against GBV, we are basically acknowledging the evil but turning a blind eye towards it. One has to take a stand. One has to make a choice, to be an ally, a supporter or go against the norm. In the fight against GBV whether or not the perpetrator is related to you, one has to pick aside. One has to choose to help the victim and not sympathise with the perpetrator. In the fight against GBV, we all have to come together and raise awareness. It is not a woman problem or a man but an issue that affects both genders. In the fight against GBV, it takes me and you to make a bold statement. It is never okay, no matter the relationship!