Mukanda Maombola
2 min readMay 5, 2020


I hail from a dose of privilege. It's not much but compared to many it is something. I was privilege enough to mostly attended private school, this is all the way to tertiary education. With the good schools came a job quicker than the average mwananchi. With the little I was given by my parents I ensured that I doubled it. I made it point in my life to only level up. I might have failed or slackened but in most cases, I stayed on the course.

This should be the case, right? To whom much is given much is expected but somehow between the ballot box and the swearing-in, the leaders in my country lose it. Their campaigns are full of pomp and glory, a voters dream. The promises are a tenfold. Good roads, hospitals, schools and the mother of all unemployment. The sweet words sway the voters on the other side of the podium. You would too. Here God was providing manna for his children, and it's not easy to say no.Especially when the children have always been starved, children who have gotten the short end of the stick. Who sits under the table waiting for bits and crumbs to fall in order for them to have a bite. The politicians feed on this hunger. This vulnerability is exploited to their advantage. Leaving the common mwananchi with a glimmer of hope, finally a light at the end of the tunnel or so they think.

Your vote your voice.

The citizens will be seen in long queues on the election day. Pangs of hunger biting into them but this is only for the moment, It will be over that's the motivation. The queue winds just to show the kind of determination that we harbour. This is our Messiah and before he comes if we are to be baptised so be it. Mothers with hungry kids will be seen breastfeeding under the scorching sun, this task is no harder than the myriad of problems back home. No pain no gain hence the need to cast the vote.

On the other side, the rigging of votes will be taking place and by evening one of the many incompetent fellas will be sworn in. The dance has just begun. It will be interpreted as the dawn of a new era. A new leader, new momentum, renewed hope.

“He is a young man from a privileged family maybe this is what we need,Change we can see”.

This is what we all thought. How wrong we were.