Every time I visit my old school which is my mother's workplace, I’m referred to as motto was teacher translated to our teacher's child. My mother attempted to teach me when I was in grade one but this did not seat well with me. I simply knew her as mum and not the woman who was complaining about my handwriting hence something got to give. I was transferred to another class where a teacher and not my mother was in charge. My mother is a teacher, she has over 20 years of experience as this is the only job she’s ever held. In-country whereby teachers have to fabricate a go-slow in order to receive a salary increment, teaching is not seen as that big of a deal. It is basically another job, not The job.

October 5th 2020 marks World Teachers day. I have had the privilege of not only attending good schools but also brushing shoulders with the best calibre of teachers that have ever traversed this earth. In all the schools I went to I met teachers who not only loved their job but also put their best foot forward when it came to their work. Teachers who served comfort and comprehension in equal measure. I have met teachers who at all cost wanted me to be the best version of myself.



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