I woke up to a screenshot from a friend.The organisation she works for had followed her on Twitter and her feelings on the issue were blurry.My advice which is also my take on the issue was that she should block them,I’ll exain why.

It is now a clear trend from most individuals to add the following on their Twitter bio,”views are mine".A statement which in my opinion should be basic.I mean the profile is mine,who’s views would they be? This however is not the case,because of a series of cyber bullying attacks and the need for individuals to separate themselves from their organisations or certain topics.If the organisation I work for happens to follow me on social media chances are that I would be monitored and to some extent gagged.Do I want this? No.


I believe that my social media handles are a public diary,the only difference is that I wouldn’t want certain people to partake in this,especially my employer.


My social media handle is my space, and just like any personal space,it has been decorated to my liking.This setting can be causual or formal depending on what my forte is.This setting however might not sit well with my employer hence the block button should be put to good use. I am of the school of thought that work and play should be separated to a certain extent. The main reason for this is the fact that my comments,or choice of lifestyle have been taken out of context numerous times and because of that I choose to draw a boundary and protect my space.

My stand on this is pretty clear,your employer is not your friend so don’t allow them into your space,it’s not worth it.

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