I’ve not been here for a while,sorry not sorry. I have been dealing with a few of my own.I recently started getting a coached.No it’s not football and before you throw at me another sport it’s not rugby either.My job comes with a few perks depending on where you are seated and a wellness coach is one of those.

I loathe disclosing what I seem as personal stuff to people.To be honest I’d appreciate if we never had to go past my favourite colour which is the nude shade malt to be specific but we do what we have to do to settle our bills don’t we? And in my case it’s a virtual call with the coach.

So here is a brief (don’t blame me of it it rallies on) about my first week with a wellness coach.

  • This is not therapy,yes it might sound that my workplace can afford me a shrink but I don’t think that my two hour sessions can be termed as therapy,so don’t call it that,I’m only seeking expert help as I need to become better at my job,think of it as personal training.
  • It is exhausting,as I’ve mentioned I don’t like opening up,but like any other self help session,I need to not only be open to sharing but also share the day to day happenings about my job,tricky and risky at the same time if this were a cocktail I’d call it TRISKY see what I did there?!
  • It’s for my own good or so they say,to be completely honest,I think that this will sink in later mainly because I’m not as free as I’d want to. Vulnerability for me is still an issue hence the major issh issh.
  • I’m not comfortable,I’m yet to decipher if this is a safe space,even though she mentions that is us,but where have I heard this before?precisely.Also this is her job like any other hence when and if a report is needed from me she will have to deliver right? How safe is this space then?
  • I’m learning afew things,it’s been a week so don’t get too excited but I’m learning alit about myself,my coach is resourceful at least she’s been in the period that we have interacted and I’m honestly hoping for the best. I have gotten a few gems from her, she really knows her stuff that I can give it to her so kudos ma’am.
  • I’m hoping to leave a better person than I came. This brief might sound negative but please bear with me,this is a foreign space one that I hope to conquer not only because my bills depend on it but for the person I hope to be tomorrow.I’m staying positive through all this, as indifferent as I might sound because who knows what the future holds?.

This is my tale for now,will check in to share more as the days roll by.

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