Men this is what you can learn.

Today the world marked menstrual hygiene day. Women all over the world understand this in one way or the other. We have been here, we have and still are bearing the period cramps, the irregular periods, the acne, diarrhoea and massive mood swings that come with that time of the month. Today men all over the world can learn a number of things about menses and the hygiene that come with it. Gents can get acquainted with the monthly flow, the period tracker, safe days, cramps and the different types of flow yes it's not the same for everyone.

Here's a list of things men need to know about menses.

Menstruation is more than shedding a little blood every month. Periods are experienced monthly. This is because women shed the uterine lining, known as the endometrium. When a woman is on her cycle, the lining prepares itself to nest a fertilized egg. if fertilization does not occur, the lining of the tissue is of no use hence sloughs off. The tissue comes out of the body in the form of periods. Which take 3,5 or even 7 days depending on a woman body. The periods can also be heavy or light dependant on an individual.

Dysmenorrhea (Period cramps) are real and painful.

Most women experience cramps before during and sometimes after the period is over. Menstrual cramps are as a result of excess release of prostaglandins compounds that are released from the uterine lining as it prepares to be shed. Prostaglandins cause the uterine lining to contract and expand hence causing cramps. They occur in the lower back and lower abdomen. Cramps can be accompanied by diarrhoea, migraines, or nausea and are treated by birth control medicines or over the counter drugs.

Men, listen up.

Men Premenstrual syndrome PMS is a thing.

PMS is mostly caused by the roller coaster of hormones that takes place in our bodies during our periods. As the reproductive hormones fluctuate, they tend to cause cravings, some of us like chocolate during this period, mood swings and even fatigue. Its all science, and has little or nothing to do with us.

Periods are normal, you can stop with the stigma.

When a girl hits puberty, periods are a normal phenomenon. They are supposed to happen unless proven otherwise hence it's okay. You are allowed to ask about them if this will help alienate the stigma that surrounds this topic then so be it. Gents you can be open-minded enough to learn about periods as this will assist in getting you acquainted with what happens to a woman during the period. You can also call out your friends who still treat manhandle girls who are on their periods. Purchasing sanitary towels or tampons is okay so don't be afraid to do so when we request of you. Thanks.

We can get pregnant during our cycle.

Men listen up, a sperm is viable for at least 5–7 days in the body. This means that when you have sexual intercourse with a girl during her ovulation period she might get pregnant because of the viable sperm.

When girls miss school or women miss work because of menstruation it becomes more than a health issue. It graduates to be a social issue one that needs all stakeholders to be addressed. As a man, you can cut the woman a slack at work, and support school girls by donating sanitary towels and efficient methods of disposal to schools. This will not only keep a girl in school but it will reduce the stigma around this hushed topic. To dad girls, you can learn about menstruation as it will definitely knock on the doors of your little princesses who won't be so little anymore. I’d advise you to pass the same message to your sons as it is cyclic.

When we embark on this learning session, we will lessen stigma, cultivate empathy and curtail period shaming, something that is prevalent today. We will also create a healthy environment where both men and women, girls and boys can discuss periods openly without fear.




Vegan,foodie,stylist,empath, Femininst, Meninist

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Mukanda Maombola

Mukanda Maombola

Vegan,foodie,stylist,empath, Femininst, Meninist

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