I came across this tweet on Twitter. I have mentioned here that I spend a lot of my time on the app because of the banter, and also, there are a few accounts that resonate with me. It is also a point for inspiration for my blog posts. I’m a full-blown hypergamist. I believe in marrying up. I believe that marriage doesn't have to be just “marriage”. I am of the school of thought that a woman should have a partner who elevates her social class and her financial status and vice versa.

Having said this, I have to point out that marriage is a partnership, and the best of marriages are built on teamwork, honesty, trust, communication, among other solid virtues. I believe that for any marriage to work, both parties need to foot the bill. There needs to be a common understanding, a common goal which is to make it work.

The post above caught me by surprise. I was flabbergasted, to say the least. How in the world would anyone allow their rent to pile up? To have a car repossessed or for their significant other’s account to get into an overdraft?

Women, let's be smart about the moves we make. Life, unfortunately, has its own share of ups and downs. The kind that comes by surprise. COVID-19 is a perfect example. The wife should have handled the above case differently. The lady would have swooped in and taken care of the financial situation in her home. Yes, I said it is “her home”, and the responsibility rests on her just as it does on her husband.

Instead of playing dumb and risk getting ejected from her home, she, in my opinion, should have stepped in and helped with the bill. This would alleviate the pressure from the spouse and provide a conducive environment for the marriage to thrive.

Happy women's day to you ladies; make smart decisions, for they’ll affect your life!

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