There’s a culture among most Kenyans or Nairobians on how we make it in this Godforsaken town. This is a normal story where one clears high school in a small town before taking the long bus drive to Nairobi. The place of cool waters, or so we think. As the bus treads carefully picking and dropping passengers at designated areas, excitement built up. Finally, you are moving to the big city, where dreams come true. This Is a common stage, in the big city one would share a bedsitter or a house either in Eastlands or if lucky be taken in by a relative who will make it their job to frustrate you for the four years or more depending on one's course period. Others would find shelter in the dingy University hostels which are marred with all kinds of fracas. Did I mention drug and substance abuse not to forget assaults from the men in blue whenever a go-slow ensued? It is in the same hostess that girls would abort failed missions or fetus for the sin city can condone anything but a

There is another crop of Individuals. The kind that will attend the big 4 private universities or get into the parallel programs in public universities. Most of these students stay at home and have the luxury of a home-cooked meal or a hug when they leave home. This crop of students are privy to allowances from their parents and somehow a through pass when it comes to an internship or even jobs. We don’t sip from the same spot. For most of us, we will have to toil for our grades in school as we maintain the highest calibre of grades because in Nairobi we only came to school, for if the counties we hailed from had good schools then we would have stayed home.

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