Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

In the eyes of a privileged white man, a black man is a flower. One that is good enough to plough the lands in the 80s and work menial jobs today.A flower that is good enough to walk runways and entertain on different stages.A flower that can be picked before it blossoms like it was the case of Emmet Till.A flower that even in its hay days, it's not allowed to blossom to its full potential because of the threat that it harbours. So strong is this threat that most cases, the flower is either put in cuffs or ordered to have hands where they can be seen.


In the eyes of a white man, a black man is a nobody. Characterised by years of slavery and colonisation of the motherland, the black man is like a donkey. One that bears the weight of it all for he is not allowed to speak. If he does, he will be labelled as too black and too aggressive. If he makes it out alive and builds something for himself it's automatically accidental because people of his colour work and stay in the silos. They stay back watching the tyres of chariots leave their marks as a white man evolves. They are supposed to stay put, stay silent. They are to be seen and not heard. They are to work in order for someone else to benefit.

When a black man walks.

The black man has been a victim of a number of things. From police brutality to racist slurs he has seen it all. Death seems to circumvent around him day in day out not because he is in the line of fire but because he is easy to get. It's easier for him to fall into the shackles of death, unlike any other race. He is more susceptible to death just for being black. It might be because of a bullet, a knee hold, an electric chair or he might as well be lynched. Whatever the case, the black man in all his glory is a dead man in waiting for no one knows when it will suit best his killers.

In the eyes of a black man, he hopes, for one thing, a day where he will be free!