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I woke up on the 22nd to a #eid Mubarak. Apparently, between 11.00 p.m which is the time that I usually retire to 4.00 a.m when I woke up, the moon had been sighted and most Muslims were celebrating Eid. This is no news but the struggle that Muslims go through every end of Ramadhan. Eid ul Fitr also known as “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan. This religious Eid is the only day in the month of Shawwal during which Muslims are not permitted to fast.

Eid Mubarak.

Eid is marked every end of Ramadan but not on the same day as the moon sightings are different in the different parts of the world hence the confusion. Eid like any other Islamic celebrations has its sunnah, meaning it has a custom set of rules that should be followed when celebrating. The day of Eid has a couple of Sunnahs that Muslims are encouraged to adhere to…

1. On the eve of Eid, Muslims are encouraged to make dua, and duplicate to Allah as the days made on this day are never rejected.

2. Making ghusl which is a special shower before going to the mosque for the prayer, this should be done by everyone male, female and children.

3. Muslims are encouraged to eat before prayer, as was the sunnah of our prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to eat an odd number of dates before heading out for the did prayer.

4. Putting on Attar, this is perfume that is encouraged for men only.

5. Reciting Takberr. Takberr ul-Eid should be recited softly on the way to the masjid. The Eid Takbeer is

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. La Illaha Illallahu Wallahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar was Lillahil Hmad.

6. Greet everyone you meet. Muslims are encouraged to exchange salsa amongst each other with Taqabbal Minnaa Wa Minkum which translates to May Allah accept from us and from you.

7. As narrated by Jabir Bin Abdullah, On the day of Eid the Prophet (saw) used to return after offering Eid prayer a different route from the one he went with. The reason behind this is that on the day of Judgement the two paths will testify that you attended this salah.

8. Perform Eid salah. This is the most important of all activities the sunnah of the Eid prayer is that the Khutbah is delivered after the prayer.

9. Muslims are encouraged to pay their zakat-ul-Fitr before the Eid prayers . This is a charity taken for the poor it caters.

On a normal eid day, we would all wake up to tea and mahamri, get dressed in our beautiful abayas and Kanzus before heading to the masjid for the Eid prayers. Since the covid-19 hit us nothing is normal hence Eid 2020 was spent in the house and the eid prayer and khutbah were delivered indoors as a social distancing measure.

All in all we enjoyed this blessed day with Zoom Eid parties and the silent prayer that this madness will end soon and Allah will allow us to witness another Ramadan.

Eid Mubarak, May Allah accept from you and me.



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