The long-awaited Easter weekend is here. I am excited four days of making merry as we reminiscence Christ. The festivities will be back to back. From hunting eggs with my siblings to sipping hot chocolate in the night. This is the second most wonderful time of the year. From making Easter bonnets to baking Easter nest cakes and decorating eggs, there’s plenty of activities to engage in.

On a normal weekend, middle-class families would drive out of town to get an air BnB or a camping site and make merry. A four day weekend does not roll up every day hence the splurge. Others would be seen traversing different malls, taking selfies and indulging in junk and other fast food goodness that most restaurants have to offer. The roads heading out of Nairobi would flock with traffic as everyone would try to escape the crazy town. Luhyas are known to drum home even just for a day and this will be their destination. Home where there is family and peace. Home, away from the matatu madness and chaos. Home, where the heart is, home where mom is.

You will find a section of Kenyans in Uhuru Park. The activities will be endless. Face painting, bouncing castles, merry go round, camel riding, boat riding all in one day. When Christ rises, people rise with Him or so it seems. The elites would have flown to Dubai, The Big Apple or any destination that they would fancy. Photos would flock on IG with different locales, millennials trying subconsciously to outdo each other on who had the best Easter holiday celebrations.

Happy Easter.

This Easter is a little bit different. We are all indoors. Self-distancing and quarantining. Everybody is trying as hard as they can to stay safe and corona free. The park is deserted and so are the malls.No one is leaving the city as it is on lockdown. Everyone is bored and at home. Phone calls to family in the countryside, I miss yous being exchanged as both parties wish they were together. Dads trying to act brave, when the kids inquire of when they could be allowed to go out and play, soon is all they can matter. In a real sense, they have no real clue of how soon, things will go back to normal. The holiday this year has taught us how irresponsible we treat each other. How careless, we treat family and friends. Freedom seemed overrated not it’s all we are asking for having been suffocated in our houses.

This holiday has shown us to cherish the little things and that men are only strong together. This holiday has shown us that when push comes to shove, only by coming together will we win. Happy Easter folks.



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