A countries military is supposed to come to its aid when the situation is dire. A coup de tat, floods, terrorist attacks and keeping our borders in check. They will be found in the barracks which is usually home for most of them. A place that on a normal day is parked with 300–500 military officers. Where are they during this pandemic and how are they fairing on?

This is not they are equipped to fight.

It is a common site in barracks whereby men and women will be seen in military regalia training. The same individuals eat together and sleep together with only a few inches separating them. This type of living condition is highly susceptible to the covid-19 virus. The shared amenities are a small part of the problem, the major issue is how to handle a case if one comes up. Social distancing is clearly a pipe dream, hence self-isolation is impossible. Aside from this, the military barracks are not cut out for such measures.

The whole point of a military is to amass together to destroy an enemy, a wrong move when dealing with a transmissible virus.~

This is a war they are not equipped to fight. No amount of rifles, small arms, combat vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, artillery can be brought forth in the fight against covid-19. A the moment, no case has been reported from the barracks as most cases emanate from the government quarantine facilities and other high zone areas like Eastleigh in Kenya. It is my hope that the many men and women who put their lives on the line in order to serve their country are safe and sound in the different military bases across the country.

Kenya as a country is relying on its military for a significant part of its effort to contain the pandemic. The KDF is ready if things get out of hand. The trained military personnel, have had bases transformed into quarantine sites in readiness of a dire situation. The military personnel will be expected to carry out necessary tasks if need be. From ferrying medical kits to offering medical support when called upon they will have a lot on their plate.

For now, we sit and wait as we monitor the situation.

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