I’m conversant with them. They sit in a parliament. Their main obligation, implementing rules. As Millenials would say, they only have one job. I have heard a series of disappointments. They really don't bother. In fact, there's no drive whatsoever. No incentive not even their fat salaries can propel them to work better. Bwana Katumbo does what he knows best sit back relax and eat.

A cry can be heard in Kibera slums. A mother has just found out that his son has been crushed by the train on his way from school. It seems surreal, doesn't it? that a citizen somewhere has to cross the railway line to receive basic education. If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain, they said. And so a mother mourns.

The elections will be here in a few days. Wajinga Nyinyi as we have been called, we will rise at the crack of dawn to vote for #mtu wetu, our person. The individual who hails from the same village as our great grandmother. The same individual who has been in power for the last five years, but our roads are still impassable. This is not what we see. We choose his last name instead of the different development projects that he could have put in place but he couldn’t. I wonder why?

Bwana Katumbo is involved in a number of scandals. He’s been mentioned in the maize scandal, don't fret common mwananchi only 7 billion was lost. When the sugar mills in western Kenya were brought down, his name was still on the list. Imported sugar is better. Who needs a company that is the backbone of a whole county yet we can import sugar? To hell with the number of employees. That is not Bwana Katumbo’s problem. The Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) will not only ease transport to and from the coast but also provide employment for the citizens. The Chinese still manage day-to-day operations, While the Kenyans there have been sidelined. Millions of shillings got lost in this deal. Bwana Katumbo got his share and is off to Germany for another “benchmarking” conference.

When the initial cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in Wuhan. Bwana Katumbo did not bat an eyelid. Not his circus, not his monkey. He flew in and out of Europe which is rocked with COVID-19 cases. Upon his arrival into the country, he did not see the need to self-quarantine. He traversed the country, attending cabinet meetings and funerals. He did not care for his people. That is Bwana Katumbo for you.

We have a long way to go. As educated people, we need to make better choices. We have to uproot the likes of Bwana Katumbo from powerful positions. It starts with you and me.

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